Whittemore House Salon Co-owners Victoria Hunter and Larry Raspanti have created Whittemore House Hair Paint™, a revolutionary lightening powder that will change the way you paint forever! The pair are the pioneers of this now popular coloring technique and are now taking into the future with a superior professional product.

Product Overview

Whittemore House Hair Paint™ is a natural lightening powder with technology never before used in hair care. Using Intelligent Crystals, Whittemore House Hair Paint™ lifts up to 7+ levels while protecting, strengthening and conditioning the hair, eliminating the need for additional bonding treatments which improves efficiency, productivity and the end result.

The Science

The Intelligent Crystals are protective molecules found only in expensive anti-aging skincare technology, and for the first time are applied to this hair care formula in powdered form. These molecules encapsulate each strand of hair, protecting it during the coloring process, and strengthening it at the cellular level. Whittemore House Hair Paint™ formula is comprised of 100% naturally derived ingredients, 70% of it being clay. 


  • Whittemore House Hair Paint™ protects and nourishes the hair during the coloring process while continuing to strengthen the hair 72 hours following treatment. 
  • Lifts more efficiently than any product on the market, and at a superior tonality. 
  • Efficiency of lift, and simplicity of process allows for an average of 15-30 minute reduction in procedure time.
  • Elevated control for the colorist 


  • Whittemore House Hair Paint™ boosts your level by 10! Your 20 becomes your 30 and your 30 becomes your 40, while protecting, strengthening and conditioning the hair.
  • Other bonding treatments used during a color service creates the opposite effect. Bonding treatments dilute the lightening process lowering your level by 10.
  • The result: Faster and more even lift and a savings of time and money.
Whittemore House Hair Paint
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