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Roxie Jane Hunt has been innovating and creating in the beauty industry for 18 years, but much longer if you count the years she spent as a kid, color/ cutting and styling anyones hair she could possibly get her hands on.

Working in big salons and small salons, as a salon owner, in collaboration with visual artists, out of her home, and abroad, she has gathered experience and inspiration at every turn, continuously weaving her body of expertise in all things hair into a beautiful tapestry to share. 

She is an educator who has a special knack for helping people access their inner artist, busting through roadblocks and remembering the power of experimental playtime in hands-on learning. Her classes are transformational and inspiring and are an incredible antidote to burn-out and a colorful remedy for building collaboration and teamwork within the salon. She bridges hair and art and takes anyone along for the ride who seeks to expand their creative ability.

Through her journey working with all hair types and product lines, she has returned to the simplicity and nourishing/balancing power of the classic mixed-bristle hair brush and brings you the Free Your Hair Brush. It is her belief from years of experience that healthy hair begins at the roots, where circulation feeds growth and oil is produced to protect and balance. 

She created the FYH brush to encourage people to reconnect with themselves and maximize the health of our crowns by the simple and beautiful ritual of hair brushing. 

When not cutting and painting hair and sharing her magic, she is a mother to 3 kids, a lover of the wild, a maker of things, and an urban homesteader with her husband and co-conspirator in Seattle Washington.  


FREE YOUR HAIR EDUCATION: FYH Education is permission to free your creative vision and support in cultivating new ways of expressing it behind the chair. Our classes are a guided experiment in breaking down creative barriers in the salon and providing inspiration and momentum for personal and career transformation.

My goal is to help you challenge yourself with new techniques and concepts that feel exciting and meaningful to you. My ultimate goal is to help you remember how to love every part of what you do, and transfer that love to those in your chair.




This class is technical and includes intuitive support in creating stunning color concepts in the hair. It is an experimental class where I will share my favorite technical tips and tricks for integrating processes from the fine art world into hair color. Students will hone your skills of planning and executing creative color transformations. It is class where you will be encouraged to unlearn and reimagine the ways you use color behind the chair.




This class is about working with the hair to blend and enhance natural texture and movement in curls and waves. FYH Cut is about creating haircuts and care methods that work beautifully with the natural texture of the hair, freeing it to grow out beautifully and requiring minimal styling/products. It is for the stylist who wants to free up their technique and learn to work more intuitively to customize perfect organic cuts on free, wild haired people.




FYH Style is inspired hairstyling, building confidence to create compelling looks that tell beautiful stories and invoke a certain feeling, weaving in elements from our natural landscapes.

This class is about imagining and constructing creative hairstyles to suit any occasion from everyday, weddings and special events to editorial. It is a unique approach to hairstyling which integrates braiding, hand building, and texture creation with minimal product use and an esthetic of the ethereal, playful and natural.




Ritualizing Self-Care brings us back to ourselves, slowing down time and allowing nourishing space to connect with where we are truly at in this moment, so that we can move forward with intention and grace. Brushing our hair with ritual and intention promotes healthy growth and a general sense of balance and focus towards our highest truth.

FYH Brushes are available for wholesale or have them customized with your own logo!

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