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Every salon, hairdresser and artist has their own unique set of challenges, questions and areas of interest. 

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When Aryn was a young child, having had a shorter haircut more often than not, she recalls wearing a nightgown on her head, pretending to have long, flowing locks. And growing up throughout high school and college, she found herself experimenting consistently with cuts, color and style out of sheer curiosity and interest.

It wasn’t until she officially started working at Bumble and bumble that she realized her fascination for hair was a passion turned career. Under the vision of Michael Gordon, Aryn learned taste and standards were of the upmost importance. Bb. was known for it’s edgy, cool girl hair and they were the kings of Fashion Week, so she soaked it all in. Bb was also the place where she realized the amount of training, practice and work that went into creating memorable looks. In addition, products become a new avenue of interest as well.  She even learned how to create volume, how to curl and felt like an instant honorary hairstylist!

Through her first experiences as a professional, Aryn felt like her personal style was reborn. There’s an overall awe of hairdressers that Aryn presents and a deep appreciation for what they are able to create. One of her mentors, Albie Cortez once said something that has stuck with her throughout the years: “Before you go into a salon, ask yourself, do you really care about the hairdresser?” A resounding yes from Aryn has positioned her to be able to connect, relate and thus earn respect throughout the industry from hairdressers and salon owners from all across the country.

This revelation created in her an exhaustion from the big corporate mentality. While there are many salons in the industry, the top 1-3% are the salons that every product company wants to work with. Aryn saw that many salons and stylists had become disenchanted with the way brands did business and the education had become saturated and meaningless. Aryn is committed to creating meaningful programs that will benefit beauty businesses while also providing a needed platform for each client to express their voice. This agency is a creator of space for small businesses supporting small businesses, artists supporting artists. This is where LEFT BRAIN comes in.

Plus, Aryn has always had a thing for hair so this all makes sense. 


The LEFT BRAIN group admires the creativity, imagination, and ingenuity of an artists' right-brain. Our approach is simple. Marry left-brain business strategies with right-brain creativity. We specialize in the beauty industry supporting hairdressers and salons across the country and proudly represent: Garrett Markenson, Andrea Donoghue, Victoria Hunter, Larry Raspanti, Carla Gentile, Carlos Detres, Whitney Haynes, Leighanne Shelton, Dante Pronio, Caeleb Bosscher, Cyd Charisse, Michael Angelo and Connie Voines. Our years of business expertise, industry connections and standard for excellence, allow us to effectively champion brands to the next level.

At the LEFT BRAIN group, we understand artists and believe art should be respected, celebrated, shared, taught and profitable. 

"You need supporters, ambassadors and evangelists who love to spread the word about your work, and who’ll connect you with people who can bolster you up to the next level."  -Kathy Caprino, Forbes