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A unique artist who embraces organic beauty and freehand haircutting. Jayne specializes in straight razor cuts that create an end result of naturally beautiful hair. Her haircuts not only look great on her subjects but are easily replicated. She created her signature technique with the help of the original founders of Bumble and bumble in New York. Many of her teachers used the razor and she was drawn to the fluid movement the tool created. Jayne is known world-wide for her signature makeovers and has been educating across the country. She encourages stylists to break out of their shell and to view hair in an organic way.

Jayne is drawn to vintage-inspired styles, such as sexy French looks a la Brigitte Bardot and bohemian Americana from the 1960s and 70’s. Having grown up in the '8Os, riding bareback through the Santa Cruz mountains, she has a great love for all things Northern California.

To preserve the health of the hair and the environment, Jayne searched for luxury, organic hairstyling products. She is a fragrance-free, totally organic hairstylist and believes that beauty does not have to include heavy perfumes, sprays or toxins.

Since the early 90’s when Jayne launched her career, her work has evolved through constant advanced trainings and artistic inspiration. Ideas for hair color and styles come from her travels, recently in the brilliant hues of India, street fashions of Japan and hand-woven textiles in Guatemala.

Visiting art galleries, hunting for treasure at flea markets, yoga, meditation, fashion and studying alternative health practices are among her pleasures.

Jayne is co-founder of Edo and a creative director of the salon and gallery. She helped create the salon’s signature organic style of cutting and coloring and teaches those techniques to Edo’s stylists. Her mission in life is to spread the love of easy beautiful fashion-forward hair, connect and inspire with other women, and teach and inspire other hairstylists.



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Jayne will showcase her signature techniques embodying free-hand and razor cutting, hand drying and styling, diffusing and incorporating her vintage aesthetic.


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