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Honesty - Happiness - Hairdressers

Elevate - Evaluate - Encouragement

Learn - Lead - Listen

Productivity - Passion - Patience

H.E.L.P by Connie Voines is a virtual coaching program for salon owners, managers, hairdressers and apprentices that is uniquely structured to your specific needs. One honest conversation at a time, you will uncover the truths about yourself and your business, evaluate what’s holding you back and what’s driving you forward and implement creative solutions that will increase your productivity and overall happiness. H.E.L.P is just a call away! 


  • Open to all salon positions: owners, managers, hairdressers and apprentices
  • Weekly one-on-one phone conversations
  • Open agenda, you choose what’s most important for you and your business
  • Customized weekly action plans to help you achieve your goals
  • In-salon visits and assessments after 3 months of weekly phone conversations
  • Custom consulting options available


*Can be further customized upon request


  • 1 Hour One-On-One Phone Calls
      • The Breakdown: [ 5 Minute Review of Last Week, 45 Minute Current Topic, 10 Minute Action Plan Discussion ]
      • H.E.L.P Topics include: leadership, management, front desk, building your business, consultations, client retention, increasing productivity, building salon culture, creating and upholding standards, unlocking full potential and more!
  • Recurring Calls: Choose a day/time that works for you. The weekly one-on-one will be held at the same day/time unless of emergency, unforeseen circumstance or if Connie is traveling for salon visits.
  • Schedule & Purchase your One-On-One below.


  • In-Salon Visits options are available after a minimum of 3 months of weekly one-on-one calls.
  • In-Salon Visits can be booked for 2 or 3 day visits.
  • In-Salon Visit Areas of Focus Include: staff meetings, stylist one-on-ones, front desk training, staff Evaluations, leadership meetings and trainings, salon observations and more.
  • Schedule your In-Salon Visit through The Left Brain Group.



$100 Per Hour (Minimum of 4 sessions per month)

$150 Per Hour (Single Sessions)

  • Monthly Payments: $400 per month
  • Quarterly Payments: $1200 per quarter
  • Sign Up for the Year and receive 10% off: $4,320


2-Day Visit (6-Hour Days)

  • NYC Tri-State $2,000
  • Out-of-State $2,600 (includes travel)

3-Day Visit (6-Hour Days)

  • NYC Tri-State $2,400
  • Out-of-State $3,000 (includes travel)

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your in-salon visits. The remaining 50% is due 2 weeks prior to the scheduled visit. The Left Brain Group will arrange your payment plan and schedule.


**Should you wish to further customize your H.E.L.P program with a combination of weekly one-on-ones and in-salon visits, we can customize a program for you. Pricing available upon request.


"Connie’s meetings provide a candid view of your career and your future.  Connie has answers to questions you didn’t know you had, or were afraid to ask; and where Google may fail you,  Connie’s years of observation and experience will not."
David M - Colorist, Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers
"My one on ones with Connie at Bumble and bumble helped me grow as a stylist and a person. They taught me to take a look at myself and what I was doing and where I wanted to go. I had to be honest and check in. They helped me get where I am today❤️  "
Travis - Stylist, Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers
"Sitting down with Connie every week for a One-on-One was one of the most beneficial plans of action I had ever experienced. My business numbers grew rapidly as I was meeting and exceeding work goals, and simultaneously unveiling personal dreams that I was able to turn into realistic, obtainable goals keeping me focused and inspired."
Desiree Fiorentino - Barber/Editorial Stylist, Davide Salon
"Connie's One-on-One's are vital to the growth and well being of a salon business. She has the ability to connect with salon employees in a way that helps them reach their own potential and overcome challenges in order for them to reach their personal and overall salon goals."
Jenee Auger - Manager/Stylist, Brice Jermain Salon
"I was always so nervous to go into 1on1’s with Connie. When they were done I always appreciated her critiques which simplified my strengths and weaknesses. I always knew what I needed to work on when I walked out. I’ve use the same technique’s as Apprentice Supervisor under Connie and as a business co-owner at Salon Firefly."
Massimo - Co-Owner, Salon Firefly
"Every One-on-One with you made me think about something I could work on and you always gave me positive feedback on something I was doing well.  I always walked away feeling like I was holding the world in my hands!"
Rachel Rodríguez - Owner/Stylist, Guy & Girl Salon
"My One-on-One meetings with Connie were always inspiring, intuitive, thorough and truthful. I found myself always put to the test & open to challenges. She helped me work towards reachable goals. Whether it be retail, retention or tardiness. I was directed towards personal growth and never felt stagnate. She acknowledged my skills and talents and I felt rewarded and appreciated when it was deserving. She inspired me to always do my best and look my best and to put my best possible self forward."
Angela Gia DaCosta - Independent Hairdresser