DTH: Millennial Leadership: Empathy vs. Sympathy

DTH: Millennial Leadership: Empathy vs. Sympathy


Whether you are a millennial in leadership or you are leading a team of millennials this class is for you. This class is for salon owners, leadership teams, managers, front desk team, or hairdressers looking to grow. What will you be learning?

  • How has leadership changes in the last 10 years and how to keep up.
  • The 3 leadership styles that are killing your team and destroying your career!
  • Understand the battle between empathy and sympathy and how to manage the two... you may be surprised.
  • 5 quick changes that you can make to your current leadership style that will change everything!
  • Discover the true opponent of a strong leader and gain tools to fight against it!

This class will be taught by Caeleb Bosscher the co-founder or Destroy The Hairdresser. 

Class goes live Monday August 14th @ 6pm est!

Can't make the class on time? That's ok! It will be recorded and sent to you. It will remain active to 7 days and then self destruct in order to protect our brand. You understand. 

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