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The Canvas Collection

Canvas:  A specially prepared piece of cloth on which a picture can be painted by an artist. 

The Canvas Collection will reveal what endless possibilities awaits you when you approach corrective color as a creative.  

The Art of Canvasing plays with canvasconditioning by the removal of pre-existing deposits, exploring what's found underneath and being inspired by it to create a masterpiece work of art. 

In this class you will witness a series of presentations inspired by modern painters, underground street color, and the heartbeat of the hair coloring industry, The Creative Colorist!  

Welcome to The Canvas Collection

Cost: $350 per student and includes lecture, demonstration, lunch and hands-on with neutral mannequins. Visit the Education Calendar for upcoming FORM classes at their academy in Dallas, TX.

Look & Learn Only 10am-1pm $100 per student

Private In-Salon: $1250 Day Rate TX In-State, $1500 Day Rate Out-of-State with 1 educator : 8 student ratio.

Class Size: 1 Educator : 6 student ratio

Educator: Mattie Michelle 

Bring to Class:

  • Brushes small and large
  • Small bowls
  • Gloves
  • Apron
  • Lightener
  • Toner (Pravana suggested)
  • Foil
  • Duckbill and butterfly clips

Booking: A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date for private classes. The remaining 50% balance is due 3 weeks prior to scheduled class date. Classes at FORM are due in full.

Cancellation Policy: Payment is 100% refundable if cancellations are made 30 days prior to scheduled class date. The payment is 50% refundable for cancellations made after the 30-day cut off date. The payment is non-refundable if cancellations are made within 1 week of the scheduled class.

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