ARTIST: Carla Gentile

PRODUCTS: Steam Creams & Oils® 

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The Steam Creams and Oils® all-natural, mostly organic hair and scalp product lines based on classic aromatherapy using only the best in pure essential oils to improve and restore a healthy balance to the hair, scalp, body, mind and soul.     



Carla Gentile is a highly respected Los Angeles hair stylist credited with developing the original Steam Treatment®, the ultimate in professional scalp and hair treatments.

In recognition of her ability to work with all hair types and consistencies she has been described as a master stylist, curly hair expert, and hair anthropologist who believes creativity is best expressed through movement, and there is no better movement than through the hair.

Her “aging gracefully” philosophy supports a positive alternative to the notion of “anti-aging” and the warped sense of extreme beauty affiliated with certain aspects in our modern culture. Gentile’s work is emblematic of “beauty from within” and it is thanks to the support of her large and devoted following from clients of all ages that enabled her to develop the Steam Creams and Oils™ aromatherapy based product line.

She has appeared in numerous “make-over” television spots, styled many editorials and led the creative teams for several designer fashion shows. Gentile began her career by training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy both in London and Chicago with additional education in Consciousness Studies at Goddard College: Progressive Education for Creative Minds. “It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, being open minded and willing to learn at any age is the most important part of it.”

After owning Steam Salon for 11 years, and taking a short break to travel and feed her creative energy, Carla is excited to be part of the HARPER adventure where she will continue to grow Steam® products and help raise the bar in the industry she was born to be in.

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