Elevate Craft, Not Crap.

I was getting my hair did in the salon and overheard an interesting conversation between a new hairdresser and front desk receptionist. The stylist was sharing about her journey from beauty school to her current salon. Upon graduating from school she was excited to make $$$ working behind the chair, so she went to an affluent part of town and signed a lease as a booth rental stylist, where she "assisted." That didn't really pan out and so she started interviewing at commission-based salons and they told her their training program would be 2-3 years before she could go on the floor. She ended up training at 2 different salons for 1 year each and now she is in a new city working for a commission salon, but wants to go rental. A story I have heard and observed too often.

Is that where we are at in terms of cultivating the future of hairdressing?

Option 1: Graduate beauty school, knowing minimal at best and rent a chair in hopes of becoming a wealthy hairdresser?

Option 2: "Assist" at a rental salon where you spend most of your time shampooing, blow drying and observing.

Option 3: Work at commission salons for 2-3 years with the hopes of one day making it onto the floor?

Option 4: Bounce around between commission salons until we gather enough practice and information and waste the salon's investment and go out on our own?

Is that the best we can do? No of course not. Now are there some rental hairdressers that are excellent teachers and mentors? Yes. Are there excellent commission salons who have wonderful programs and retain their people...yes. I am a firm believer in putting in the time, work and practice to become a master stylist, but can't there be something in between that can elevate the skill set of the new talent in our industry? If I was fresh out of beauty school I would feel less than encouraged by these options.

That is why at The Left Brain Group our artists are constantly innovating and trying to impact, inspire and cultivate the next generation of hairdressers. While we specialize in continued and advanced education, there is one educator on our roster, Dante Pronio who is dedicated to elevating craft, not crap.

Dante Razor Cutting Demo at Crown Salon in Buffalo, NY

Dante Razor Cutting Demo at Crown Salon in Buffalo, NY

Dante Pronio, Master Stylist and Educator and the renowned Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers Salon in NYC has spent the better part of his 20 year career in the industry teaching, developing young talent, writing curriculum and uncovering teaching methods and approaches that yield results. He received his apprentice training at Bumble and bumble, where he was later selected to redevelop, revamp and rework the outdated apprentice program in which he once learned from. He has also written training curriculum for brands like V76 and Ion Studio.

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe

Last year, Dante developed a custom Apprentice Program for De La Mer Salon in Bellmore, NY which later became the pilot for his FLOORED Apprentice Training Program. It was a huge success coupled with some great learnings he was able to apply to the final program, FLOORED. One of the most important take-aways from the program was establishing a lead educator, now "FLOORED Ambassador," who would receive a train-the-trainer curriculum simultaneously ensuring consistent follow-up and accountability during off weeks and continuing to develop future De La Mer stylists once the initial program was complete.

FLOORED was one of De La Mer’s greatest ROI’s for the business and because of their new skill set, our three graduates are not only able to accept new clients, but retain them.
— Esther DiDonna, Owner De La Mer Salon & Spa

I know making a considerable investment in your business can be scary or seem out of reach. Perhaps you've invested in something before that didn't yield the results you were looking for...I get it. If you struggle with growing your new talent and are looking to strengthen an existing education director, have an outdated apprentice program, need a fresh set of eyes or are tired of waiting for years to start recouping your investment, then learn more about FLOORED. We've even created a FLOORED Preview Workshop...a sort of try before you buy class designed to walk you through the program, answer your questions, ease any uncertainty and get a class with Dante! Like I said earlier in this blog...I know we can do better for the next generation of hairdressers and we plan to do so. Will you?


FLOORED by Dante Pronio, is a top level haircutting training program for apprentices that will prepare them to graduate to the salon floor, and to confidently service clients within one year. This signature and proved program is a technique-based curriculum that incorporates both razor and scissor skill sets and can be customized to meet the unique needs of the salon. A critical feature of the program is the ongoing development of the FLOORED Ambassador which will ensure the long term success of the current students and those who follow in their footsteps.



The FLOORED program will be scheduled for 4 days per quarter in your salon for a total of 16 in-salon training classes with Dante. A fully written and customized class curriculum outlining all of the steps and procedures of the program for both students and FLOORED Program Ambassadors will be provided.


Students will learn the FOUR FACTOR CONSULTATION, which has proven to be a game changer with clients. Foundations are taught on 3 key principles: Elevation, Over-Direction and Graduation. Foundational scissor and razor skill sets are woven into the class structure.


Your own personal style will allow you to make each cut unique. Distinctions of the Fundamental Cut, Objectives, Lis of Techniques, and Possible Variations are showcased within each transition of the program.


Four major areas of focus are: One Length, Long Layering, Short Layering & Graduation. Throughout the program we will focus on replay techniques such as Fringes, Hairlines, Head Shape, Reading Growth Patterns, Tension and Balance.


The FLOORED Ambassador will receive On Board Training including positioning and explanation techniques. They will also learn the fundamentals of teaching adults and how to create messaging in line with your brand image.


The ultimate train-the-trainer program for your FLOORED Program Ambassador will be built into the quarterly in-salon training. FLOORED Ambassadors will receive:

  • Program On Boarding
  • Specific Training Program and Consultation Services
  • Demo Training: Stance, Positioning, Effectiveness
  • FLOORED Principles of Transformative Teaching
  • Hands-on Training on the Fundamentals of Teaching Adults
  • Presentations and Feedback
  • Consultation for Creating your Brand Language
  • Monthly Support for Ambassador Ongoing Instruction



  • FLOORED Custom Written Curriculum

  • FLOORED Training Program

  • Ambassador Training Program

  • Monthly Ambassador Support

Total Program: $15k (travel billed separately)

Quarterly Payment Plan : $3,750 per quarter

Monthly Payment Plan: $1,250 per month

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Decide if FLOORED Apprentice Training program by Dante Pronio is right for you and your business with the FLOORED Preview workshop. This is a great opportunity to observe Dante’s teaching style, approach, and team dynamic. Receive answers to all of your questions and feel good about investing in the ongoing development of your team.


  • 9:00am - 9:30am Coffee with Salon Leadership

  • 9:30am - 10:30am Cutting Demonstration by Dante Pronio

    (Cut will be pre-determined prior. Choose from Long Layer or Bob)

  • 10:30am - 11:00am Group Consultations with Apprentices

  • 11:00am - 1:00pm Hands-On Practice on model

*Future FLOORED Ambassador will be shadowing Dante during the consultations and hands-on practice. For more information on the FLOORED Ambassador read about the full program offering below.

  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm Feedback Session with Leadership to discuss topics including: Apprentice Assessment, Ambassador Selection, Program Q & A and Salon Feedback

  • PRICE: $1,000 for up to 6 apprentices plus travel when applicable*

*Should salon decide to commit to the FLOORED Apprentice Training Program, the $1,000 will be applied as a credit toward the total cost.