Saturdays in the Park

Left Brain Artist, Dante Pronio and hairdresser James Hickey follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix, only with a different set of tools! Check out "Saturdays in the Park," written by Dante and put a jolt of inspiration into your daily routine.

Washington Square Park Chop Shop

A friend of mine, James Hickey, and myself took our razors and shears to the same place Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix took their axe and picks 50 years ago. We looked to impact the community and inspire our industry, as well as ourselves, by chopping the locks of NYC’s downtown crowd. 


After a day in the park the birds are left to nest the piles of hair left in the park by Dante and James.

My experience in the park and what it meant to me and my career can be summed up in the one word “Inspired." It was the mid summer blues at the salon and I was looking to put a shot of adrenaline into my career. I needed to create buzz for my own business and image. I had a friend James visiting me from Buffalo. He was looking for the some fresh outlooks on hair and a new approach as well. 

Dante razoring layers for his IG Story  @razorforhire

Dante razoring layers for his IG Story @razorforhire

Originally we were going to invite some friends to the salon to do some creative cuts. But I decided on a more creative way to curate our day rather than to relying on the same old devices. Going out to Washington Square Park was the answer to what we wanted and needed to excite our souls. We were afforded the opportunity to experiment. We worked outside the box and confines of the salon to exercise new skills and improve communication. 

Initially I thought it would just be a great Insta Story but it turned into a new branding idea for me. As an educator at The Left Brain Group, it’s imperative to innovate and create original ideas. I was also able to promote my business at Broome Street Society (the salon I work at in SoHo), drive new followers to my and Jame’s IG (@razorforhire & @jimmytherazor), not to mention meet some really cool new gals. 


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The idea was to trek into Washington Square Park with scissors, razor, comb, and a bottle of water. We wanted it to be real rogue. No signs, no capes, and no frills. This forced us to approach strangers and sell ourselves. My specialty as an educator is apprentice training; this was a great lesson in model hunting for assistants and junior stylists who need to build a new clientele. Lead your team, make a class outing and give it away for 3 hours…the return will be priceless.