New Year, New Ways

Everyone wants to be a part of something.

It can be daunting to find your your peeps, your tribe (as Garrett Markenson would say.) You hold onto memories of the past, "the good ole' days," where perhaps you felt part of something great, something special. I know I felt that during my years at Bb., creativity was at an epic high, business was booming and long lasting and meaningful relationships were forged. 

As I reflect on 2016 and my years in the industry, I have decided for 2017 to embrace my inner 'Millennial' (I'm not that far and look to the future, challenging the status quo and creating a culture of new memories, new ways of thinking, inspiration and togetherness through The Left Brain Group.

I am truly grateful for all your support and encouragement to continue creating a new space for artistry in our industry. So many hairdressers have reached out to share their excitement about what Left Brain is doing, whether they want to join the roster of talent, attend a cool event, be involved with our brands or simply liking our content on social media.

So cheers to 2017! I am so excited about what our artists have in store for you. This year will be the year of regional events and building community. New product launches, virtual courses, coaching, education and more all to support you and your business. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out and share how we can help you!


Aryn Detres

P.S. For those of you attending Bayou St. Blonde in New Orleans, Jan 29 & 30, I can't wait!!!