I had a chance to chat with FORM co-owner, Whitney Haynes to learn more about her mentors and some cool happenings in Dallas, TX.

You have studied under some amazing mentors, including Allilon. What about Allilon resonates/inspires you?

I fell in love with Allilon because of their clear and detailed philosophy. It has helped me push through many boundaries as a stylist and educator throughout my career.  Allilon always takes me back to the foundation of our craft and that is truly inspiring as an artist.

I know Allilon is coming to teach at FORM in November, what can you tell us about the upcoming seminar?

Allilon is set to be in Dallas November 6&7 for an Advanced Disconnection course. This is a VERY rare class as normally you would have had to attended a primary shapes course to move onto advanced disconnection.  The Allilon team will cover their foundation and terminology as well as inspire us to create more complicated shapes.  This is an intimate setting of only 12 students and 2 educators. We are still selling tickets through September 1 for this 2 day lecture, demo, and hands on training course. Enter the world of creative haircutting and take your career to the next level!

Why was it important to you start FORM Hair Education?

It was so very important for me to start FORM Hair Education. I was traveling all over the world learning from so many amazing mentors and I wanted there to be more affordable, high quality education in the states that focused on technique in our craft and not always product.  I LOVE product, but I love my craft, technique and the relationships I've made with my mentors more. I wanted to have place that felt like home to many stylist and educators, where you could come when you need to get back to the foundation, or get inspired and be creative!

What sets FORM Hair Education apart from the rest?

Technique-based education, small classes, quality. We take the time to listen to where you are at and where you want to be. This knowledge establishes the bond for an amazing journey of growth and creativity.

What are some common threads you've notice about the students coming through FORM?

The students coming through FORM Hair Education are looking for growth, and quality.  Normally the students have attended many classes, but are seeking the hands on portions in a small class setting.

What can we expect in 2017?

In 2017, FORM will continue to show a love for our craft, with an evolving curriculum as our industry grows and changes, and new work featuring collections and new artists.