Steam: Beauty that Matters


LEFT BRAIN artist, Carla Gentile shares her approach to creating Steam Creams & Oils and why plant-based ingredients are beneficial to the hair, body and soul.

"From the start I knew that in order for me to feel confident about putting my name on a holistic hair care and body line my products had to be made from the finest all-natural, mostly organic plants on the earth. And not just any plants, but plants that have been used for centuries for their nourishing, hydrating and restorative properties. Plus, they had to smell amazing meaning synthetic fragrances were out which wasn’t a problem because there’s nothing that can compare to the scent of natural aromatherapy.

The moment I began testing my own products I noticed an immediate difference. My hair and skin felt, looked and smelled great. After one week my scalp was no longer dry and tight and my hair was much more manageable. I even noticed my color took better and began to last longer between appointments. But most incredible of all, I realized my hair was shedding less and began to grow stronger, thicker, and fuller. I knew I had a drug and surgical-free alternative to hair restoration.

So, what's the difference between my holistic hair and body products and all else? I'm glad you asked...

1) The All-Natural Plant Based Ingredients: I believe that what you put onto your body is as important as what you put into it. My products are created from unique blends of the finest botanicals on the planet, ones that have been known since ancient times for their healing and beauty properties. Ingredients like Acai, Jojoba, Moringa, Pomegranate, Babassu, Coconut, and so much more. These ingredients are mostly organic, safe, non-irritating and non-toxic. Our formulas are powerful yet simple because at Steam, less is always more.

2) The Benefits: Plants are pure magic. They have the power to feed, restore, soothe and heal. They are living energy and from that energy we lovingly extract the nutritional properties that not only make us look good but feel good too. Here are just a few examples of the many benefits Steam:

  • Deep scalp and hair conditioning. A well-moisturized scalp and head of hair is softer and easier to manage and style. Great for the entire family including infants with Cradle Cap and anyone taking prescription medication.
  • Hair thickening and strengthening. As we age our hair begins to thin and while we can never grow lost hair back, we can hold onto the hair we have. Regular scalp and hair oil treatments nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the hair shaft making hair appear healthy, thicker and full-bodied. These treatments are the ideal alternative to drugs and surgery as a way to prevent thinning hair and hair loss.
  • Hair color. Those stubborn greys are easier to color and hair retains its color vibrancy when the scalp is well nourished and moisturized.
  • Aging prevention. Like skin, our hair ages too. A regular scalp and hair oil regime will keep hair healthy, strong and youthful.

3) Aromatherapy scent: Steam’s products are created from the ancient practice of aromatherapy – using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, leaves, roots and other parts of plants. Aromatherapy is not only beautifying it’s widely believed that when inhaled, aromatherapeutic scents both relax and stimulate the mind. The aroma from these blends are neither overly feminine nor masculine making them appealing to men, women and even children.

4) The Price: There’s a reason quality products cost more. Ours are formulated in the USA from the purest plant botanicals harvested on earth. No chemical or synthetic ingredients, no harmful or irritating substances. Just pure, natural goodness. And while organic is a luxury, the Steam products are still competitively priced.

5) The Integrity. These products are created with beauty and wellness in mind and formulated with respect to the Earth. Our formulas are all-natural, mostly organic, cruelty-free and bottled in eco-friendly packaging.

If you haven't tried Steam's holistic hair and body products yet, I hope you will. I believe you will notice the difference immediately."---Carla Gentile

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