Why California Commission-Based Salons Are Concerned

Yesterday, I spoke with LEFT BRAIN client, Connie McGrath, owner of Veer & Wander in San Francisco, CA. We talked tools, education and software. All was good in the Golden State, right? Well, not exactly. Connie shared with me news about AB 1513, a California state bill that has commission-based salons seriously concerned.

Connie created 1513.sucks, a site dedicated to informing California salons about the bill and it's impact. AB 1513 changes both the classification and compensation for commission-based stylists creating major frustration and financial worries for salons.

In a nutshell, AB 1513

  • Re-classifies "commission-based" stylists as "piece-rate" workers
  • As a "piece-rate" worker, you must be compensated differently for your "resting/recovery hours" (Meaning, stylist duties outside of servicing clients i.e, folding towels, waiting for clients to arrive, marketing for new clients, posting pictures of their work to social media, meals and breaks must now be compensated in addition to the commissions already earned.)
  • Effective January 2016, California salons must track and report stylist "resting/recovery hours"
  • Salons must calculate "piece-rate" hours back to July 2012 and pay back the state!

For more information on AB 1513, visit 1513.sucks. You can also join their community HIPCHAT to participate in focused discussions and receive advice and help with this matter.