Connected to Color Through Energy: Mattie Michelle

I had a chance to chat with LEFT BRAIN artist, Mattie Michelle. Mattie teaches Creative Color and The Art of Curly Texture classes at FORM Academy in Dallas, TX. We are a huge fan of hers and wanted to share with you a little more about her aesthetic and intentions.

Mattie was raised in a governmental household, which helped to shape her non-conformist outlook on the world. Her artistry is prevalent in many mediums including music, drawings and hair. Throughout her journey through beauty school, owning a salon and working behind the chair, she always challenged the status quo looking for innovative and fresh approaches to doing hair.

Mattie lives and sees in color and finds much of her inspiration in nature. She recalled a trip she took to Arizona where she saw the beautiful browns, tans and whites of the Rocky Mountains and asked, "Where is all the color?" She is connected to color through mood and energy and it's apparent in both her work as well as her self expression through fashion.

People saw me as a colorist before I knew I was one.
— Mattie Michelle

As we were vibing over the phone, I became quite curious about what a color consultation with Mattie would be like. She treats hair like an open canvas. She listens and does not want to "imprint" onto the client, but rather observe their energy, skin tone, mood and aura and see what colors come to mind...everything customized to suit the client.

Here is a client who wanted to go blonde, and Mattie suggested some tones of copper, stronger reds and bright orange. The client shared the energy of each dread, even referring to them as pronouns, and Mattie strategically placed the color to bring out her beautiful spirit. LOVE!

When Mattie was coming up in the hair world, there seemed to be only one clear path to success. Get a license, become a platform artist and boom you have a clientele! Now through social media and tailored education, there are many paths to success available to hairdressers.

Mattie's intention with her classes is to share the love and to reiterate to students, that the knowledge you have is within you and that you don't need to be a platform artist to be successful. She is excited to teach and share her craft with the new wave of hairdressers coming up in our industry.

To register for classes with Mattie at FORM, visit our Education Calendar page or contact us for private education.