Are you familiar with the game $25,000 Pyramid? Let's play! Get a partner and share with them the following clues and see if they can guess the category answer. 


"My staff is bored of seeing the same haircuts, styles and does not want another PK class."

"I used to receive education from my manufacturers, but I never see them anymore or I don't even know who they are."

"Some of my staff are newer stylists and some are more advanced. It's hard to motivate my more senior staff members to take classes."

"It's too expensive to send my top stylists for a 3-day class to NY because of hotel, airfare and loss of revenue in the salon.


Did your partner get it right? How many clues did you have to share? Sadly we cannot give you a $25,000 prize, however, we have listened to your comments and frustrations and have created a program called "Education Your Way."

the LEFT BRAIN group is passionate about education and sharing our knowledge with hairdressers. We provide classes for every level from beginner to advanced and offer a range of class sizes from one-on-one private to larger regional classes to meet the learning needs of our students. Private in-salon classes and one-on-one training is the best way to customize the learning for your team, maximize engagement, fortify strengths and create new challenges. Choose the area of focus that's right for you including cutting, styling, bridal and hair painting from our team of expert ARTISTS.

To view all of the LEFT BRAIN available courses, visit the EDUCATION page. If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss your education needs, please contact us below.