Get your friends together and let's shoot!

How great would it be to attract inspiring clients to sit in your chair? The cool girls you see in fashion magazines and on the streets. How do you attract those clients? Creating a story or lookbook and supporting your work with a social media marketing campaign. The key is to collaborate with a photographer who translates your vision and a company who provides social media consulting. "100 PICS" is your opportunity to express your point of view and to create buzz while driving new clients to your salon and chair.

"100 PICS" is a 2-day shoot with LEFT BRAIN artist, Carlos Detres. It includes a creative consultation, 100 photographs and a social media marketing consultation. The cost is $2,000 for 3-6 months worth of imagery, depending how often you post. Not in your budget? Get a group of your talented hairdresser friends together and split it!

4 hairdressers, $500 each for 25 photographs, 1-3 months worth of imagery, attracting new clients and the lifetime value of those clients...$$$.

the LEFT BRAIN group is always here to help support the artistry in the beauty industry. Send us an email or call us to discuss in further detail, we are happy to help!