Interviews with the TRIBE

The TRIBE, a new segment now on the REVERIE site. Garrett Markenson interviews Erik John, hairdresser, social media enthusiast and REVERIE tribesman. They took some pics, talked some shop and created the first hairdresser profile of this series. For the full profile, click here or view highlights below. We are happy to share with you:

Hairdresser Profile: Erik John

Born - In Northern California

Years behind the chair - 12 years

Daily essentials - Hot yoga, Milk by Reverie, Terre D'Hermes cologne, and Tim Ferriss on my daily commute 

Magazine crush -  Harper's Bazaar, Dwell and Darling Magazine

You have 20k plush followers on Instagram with an active community. Any advice? Be authentic, and consistent in your interaction with followers. Don't just think about what it can do for you but make it an outlet to share your art/help others and THAT is what will translate to the community.

What are your essential tools - what in your kit? Ibiza round brushes, Hikari shears, Denman paddle brush, Ghd tapered curling wand, small metal duck clips and also a Tangle Teaser.

How do you conduct a successful consultation- Pictures (no more than two) of hair they are drawn to, over communicating, also creating a long term vision with them for their hair. I want people to feel a part of the process.

Do you say no to your clients? Yes, I do.

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