Aryn is no stranger to the hair world. She began her career in the professional beauty industry in 2004 at Bumble and bumble in New York where she wore many hats, had many roles, lived on both coasts and supported hundreds of hairdressers across the country. One experience led her to the next including consulting positions with emerging brands like Hairstory and Prohairkit. Aryn kept her finger on the pulse and never lost sight of industry shifts and changes. In 2014, she moved to New Orleans with her husband Carlos Detres with ideas, spirit and the hunch that the independent hair movement was ready to explode.

In 2015 this is what she knew to be true:

  • There were hairdressers doing amazing things; creating exceptional work, trainings, products and brands independently from the corporate manufacturers.

  • Salon owners had become increasingly disenchanted with the ways manufacturers and distributors were doing business.

  • Artists needed support in effectively developing, communicating and executing their point of view.

  • There had to be a way to leverage my relationships, experiences, knowledge and expertise to build an alternative way of doing business.

That’s when it clicked. The Left Brain Group was a way to marry Aryn’s left brain strengths with the needs of the artists she admires and the industry she understands. It was exceptionally unique which embodies Aryn and all that she strives for.

Aryn’s proudest achievements as founder has been reigniting a sense of belonging and community with hairdressers around the globe, positively influencing and impacting hairdressers and business owners to become better and more profitable, leading the way in creating memorable education experiences like Bayou St. Blonde and nurturing the green beauty movement by representing brands like Reverie and curating The Conscious Collective artists.



The Left Brain Group is an agency that provides independent beauty professionals with a platform to express and share their point of view. We work with artists to achieve their goals by creating customized strategies and support in the areas of sales, bookings, marketing, content development, promotion, production, social media and more. We are the left brain to our artists right brain.

Our roster of artists are masters of their craft and collectively satiate the many needs of our industry. We specialize in advanced technical education, luxury wholesale and professional products and tools, business coaching and wellness initiatives.

Salons and hairdressers have the freedom to choose what programs and offerings are right for their business, not a one size fits all approach. Liberation from the way traditional corporations do business is a cornerstone of our brand.




Taren has been hairdresser for twelve years working behind the chair at Deeda Salon in Sacramento, California for about ten of those...shout out to my Deeda homies.  

She loves being a part of the hair and fashion industry and has always gravitated toward the young and ambitious. She has trained generations of stylists and was dubbed Deeda's Education Coordinator and Director of Operations, where she continued to research the needs of the staff and organize the continuing education calendar. As her career developed, her love of spending time with young stylists and helping them find balance in their business and lifestyles while also honing and perfecting their craft with indie education continued to grow.

Taren has studied all forms of studio art and graphic communication, pretty much anything visual. This has allowed her to develop social media strategies for her fellow stylists and companies like The Left Brain Group where she manages the education and events with Aryn Detres. She loves to help hairstylists and young brands establish an online presence and learn how to attract the right audience by using multiple free marketing platforms. She is drawn to well-being, minimalism, organization, and essentialism which translates directly into the way she does hair and lifestyle she chooses to live.



Elise began her career in the salon industry in 2013 as a salon receptionist while completing a marketing degree. Now, as an experienced salon and retail manager, she is deeply passionate about discovering each hairdresser's unique perspective and making it shine via freelance graphic design, social media, and marketing support. Elise is based out of Central Louisiana where she is an independent salon marketing & management consultant, MAC Cosmetics artist and manager for the Louisiana/East Texas Region, and education coordinator for LUX Studios- a women-owned wellness collective in downtown Alexandria. 



During the first six years of my career, starting in 1986, I spent as much time learning about customer service as I did about hair. I didn’t know it at the time, but this training gave me the skills to later build a successful business, one that was based on growing exceptional relationships. “Customer service” isn’t only for customers. It’s also for employees, vendors, the neighborhood, even the city one works in.

We built Rudy’s Barbershop on this founding idea – that entire communities are better if relationships are better. This started with the relationships we had with each other, as friends doing business together. And this commitment then extended outward.

My business partners and I were devoted to our employees. We were their cheerleaders, fully committed to their growth as professionals as well as people. We watched as their happiness was passed along to their customers, and the concentric circles grew. 

Then something unexpected happened. The satisfaction of our community circled back to us. We got feedback, collaborations, creative ideas, offers. Suddenly we found ourselves co-creating Rudy’s with those inside and outside our company. More and more, we gave people what they asked for, and we gave them experiences to surprise them. It all happened in a space that was comfortable for anyone to visit. All sorts of people showed up, those who were creative, hip, outsider and edgy, and those who just wanted to be part of a scene that was normally out of their comfort zone. The result was that our company growth was organic, collaborative and fun.

The concept of “good relationships” is thrown around a lot and is so common to hear that it’s almost a cliché. But the truth is that it takes energy, attention and sincerity to really take care of people. Making the commitment and delivering it is revolutionary both personally and professionally. We figured it out, and Rudy’s grew beyond our imaginations.

I feel very fortunate to work in an industry where I can give back as much as I receive.